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Check out the new interview with CEO and Lead Designer of I Am the Greatest! on the State of Nerdvana podcast! Chris has a great conversation with show hosts Doug and Tony, so go check it out!


Check out the latest episode of True Confessions of an Aspiring Voice Actor! It's online now! Then, after listening, join the discussion on the Facebook page!


If you haven't checked out what's going on with "I Am the Greatest lately, go take a look! We have a new promotional video for the game, an event coming up at Barnes & Noble in Lexington, KY, and we've even posted the initial draft of the rules for you all to check out! Don't forget that the Kickstarter will launch on February 15th!"


Welcome to the new year! We have a lot of exciting things coming this year, but we want to start by announcing our first open playtesting session for I Am the Greatest! - Hero Edition! Join us on Wednesday, January 17th from 6p to 8p at the Rusty Scabbard in Lexington, KY to try out our game, and let us know what you think! You'll even have the opportunity to tell the world your opinions, as we will be recording not only video of game play, but also the reactions of the players to the game. For more information, look at our event page on Facebook.


True Confessions of an Aspiring Voice Actor has a new episode! Download it now, then go to the Facebook page to comment and get more information!

Merry Christmas! 12-25-2017

Digital Eden Entertainment is proud to announce that we will be attending Ohayocon this year! On Friday and Saturday nights, we will be providing karaoke for the con for our fourth consecutive year, and we are more than willing to look for any tracks you might want to try at the con this year! For any requests, just email us at You can also visit the DJ and Karaoke services page to download a copy of our play list to find songs you might want to do before even attending the con!

We will also be hosting a game show this year - Anime Name That Tune - with prizes brought to you courtesy of Right Stuf Anime! So join us for a fun filled weekend January 26th to January 28th in Columbus, Ohio!

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