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Welcome, Hero! And thank you for your interest in I Am the Greatest: Hero Edition! I Am the Greatest is a series of quick, easy-to-play card games designed to help you show your friends how much better you are than them!
In Hero Edition, you are a super hero trying to prove that you are the greatest super hero the city has ever known! The problem is, you're not the only one trying to do this, and super heroing doesn't really pay very well, so you're probably also the city's greatest super villain, too! You'll spend your time building up your rep through heroic deeds in your part of town, while tearing down others by robbing banks, kidnapping people, and just generally taking advantage of the other heroes' weaknesses. What's a little backstabbing amongst friends, right?

For more information, just email us at iamthegreatest@digitaledengames.com! Or comment on our Facebook page!

You can grab a copy of the current draft of the rules here!

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